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    What to look forward to this New Year at MDX

    By Muhammad Javed

    Muhammad gives you an overview of all the events taking place in the New Year.

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    Welcome back to the New Year at your Middlesex University! MDX and its many societies will be launching off the beginning of 2019 by hosting a huge variety of events and campaigns throughout the rest of the academic year until the long days of Summer. See what sparks your interest and discover what MDX and its societies provide in order to help you get through these gruelling months of exams and coursework.

    Holocaust Memorial Day

    Venue: TBC (to be confirmed)

    Date: Monday 14th January 2019

    Time: 18:00 - 21:00

    In honour to commemorate the upcoming Holocaust Memorial Day, the Middlesex University Jewish Society will be hosting an event on campus on Monday 14th January, in which the main speaker will be Rudi Oppenheimer – one of the few Holocaust survivors our generation has left. Oppenheimer will tell his story on how he managed to survive the mass genocide against the Jewish people committed by Nazi Germany.

    For security reasons, the exact location/room of the event will remain concealed to the public until the morning of the event day – Monday 14th January – and only those who have registered for the event on Eventbrite (for free) are allowed to attend.

    Islamophobia Awareness Month (IAM) from Monday 14th January – Tuesday 29th January

    To bring awareness and offer solutions to the tragic spread of Islamophobia in Britain and throughout the world in contemporary times, the Middlesex University Islamic Society will be holding a variety of interactive activities and talks throughout January.

    There will be two workshops being presented by the organisation Muslim Engagement & Development (MEND): ‘See it. Say it. Report it: Islamophobia Response Unit’ on Tuesday 15th January, and ‘Causes and Cures of Islamophobia’ on Tuesday 22nd January.

    There will be also be a large exhibition on Islamophobia & the Muslim contribution to Britain in the Quad throughout the week of Monday 14th to Friday 18th.

    To top it off, there will be a final Grand Event held on Tuesday 29th January, which will seek to dissect the roots of Islamophobia, how it manifests itself in British society and foreign policy, as well as how we as individuals can tackle it with the force of belief.

    Chinese New Year 2019

    Venue: Quad, College Building

    Date: Wednesday 23rd January 2019

    Time: 11:00 – 15:00

    To top off the celebration of the Gregorian New Year, why not get involved in Middlesex University’s very own Chinese New Year – for them, the year will be 4717, the year of the Earth Pig. Come to the quad on Wednesday 23rd January to participate in a wide range of activities exploring the Chinese culture and its many mysteries – discover your own Chinese name, your unique Zodiac sign, and learn about the art of calligraphy and Chinese decorations.

    It is a completely free, interactive, and accessible event for every single MDX student, and is being organised by the Language & Cultural Exchange Team and MDXSU.

    MDX Afghan Society

    The Middlesex University Afghan Society is preparing the campus for a series of exciting cultural events, starting with a Poetry & Chai event at the end of January, which will provide students with the unique experience of listening to traditional Afghan poetry while they sip on sweetened chai/tea.

    Following that, in mid-March there will be the main Afghan cultural event, which will consist of the display of traditional Afghan male & female fashion, music, and other festivities, with the added benefit of the proceeds going to charity. Last year’s Afghan cultural event towards the end of the academic year attracted around 600 people and managed to raise around £4,000 for charity.

    MDX has Stars

    Venue: MDX House

    Date: Wednesday 30th January 2019

    Time: 5:30pm – Late

    The Middlesex University Arab and North African Society presents ‘MDX has Stars’ – a cultural night where many societies including the Somali Society, Pakistani Society, African & Caribbean Society, and Afghan Society will all come together to celebrate talent and cultural unity.

    This event will be on Wednesday 30th January at 5:30pm, and will be situated in MDX House. The aim of the event and collaboration these cultural societies is to raise money for a charity named The Little Hearts Charity. Come for a night of culture and expression while knowing it’s all for a good cause.

    Still not sure? Take this #MadeInMiddlesex Quiz

    As you can see, Middlesex University is in for an exciting range of events, celebrations, and causes this year – and that is just the beginning. There is much more to come at MDX.

    If, however, you are still not sure what to get involved in this year, there is a short quiz you can complete, which will assess your suggestions and will help you find out how you can truly become #MadeInMiddlesex.

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