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    5 things I wish I’d done when I was a new MDX student

    By MDX Student Writer, Daniel Adisi

    Student Writer Daniel shares a few tips on how to get more involved during your time at MDX

    Now I’m approaching my final year of university, I take time to reflect on my experience as a whole and think about what would I have done differently as a fresher, if I knew then what I now. It’s important to remember you’re not just here to get a degree; there’s a wide world of experiences for you to participate in, grow and enjoy, however long you’re here for.

    For example I could have become a:

    1. Student voice leader

      It would have been great to represent my course and push for change if any of my peers complained. We come to university to study and get the best grade possible, so by becoming an SVU, I could support everyone by listening to their problems they face whilst studying and speak up for them to programme leaders.

    2. Joining the gym

      The Fitness Pod would have been a great way for me keep in shape both physically and mentally. It’s only £20 a month membership and it is only £12 if you attend on weekends. What an absolute bargain!

    3. Student ambassador

      Being an MDX student ambassador is a great way to become involved at university. Having previously been a student ambassador at college, doing it again at university would have been an absolute breeze. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience, the point of being a student ambassador is to grow as a person and learn new things about yourself. You could easily meet new friends, secure a flexible job and share your knowledge about the university to new students!

    4. Join a society

      As anti-social as I come, starting university has taught me there is something out there for everyone. I could definitely see myself joining the ACS (African and Caribbean Society) and being part  POW! Media, which is the university’s media outlet. Especially because I love to write, this would have been perfect for me to expand and build on the skills I have already. My involvement alone would make my CV appear more attractive.
    5. Create a society

    Now that I think about it, not only did I have the option to join a society, the sound of making my own society doesn’t sound too bad. I can see it now; the Stranger Things society – we’d have meetings where we come up with the wildest theories, and re watch the series over and over again.

    In fact a new society has just been created by student Maggie Davies. You can now join the Sustainability and Plastic Reduction Society, for those who are passionate about protecting the environment by using and disposing plastic responsibly.

    If you’re unsure about how to make the most of your time at university you can take this quiz to find out what activity best suits you and how you can become #MadeInMiddlesex.

    Wishing you all the best!

    Student lifestyle posts which reflect the interests of our students are written by student interns working within the Marketing department and do not reflect the research, guidance or opinions of Middlesex University. If you have feedback or want to suggest ideas for future student lifestyle posts, please email

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