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    Explore, Enrich And Elevate Life Beyond Your Studies

    By MDX Student Writer, Natasha Kothari

    Make 2018 the year that you explore, enrich and elevate your life beyond your studies.

    “Life it is not just a series of calculations and a sum total of statistics, it's about experience, it's about participation, it is something more complex and more interesting than what is obvious.” - Daniel Libeskind

    Today we live in a fast-paced world where every day dynamics are changing, knowledge is abundant, readily available and a wide range of skill sets are in demand. In the same world there is so much we can do parallel to our academic life to explore our environment, enrich ourselves and elevate our skills.

    So let’s get into it! Here are just some of the ways to get involved in a range of extra-curricular activities here at Middlesex University:

    1. Intern

    Gain some flexible real world experience by working with an organisation of your choice or apply for a role you have always wanted to test your skills at and get paid for it! Log in to UniTemps which is an employability website that advertises a range of job opportunities both on campus and in and around your preferred location.

    2. Apply for the “Language and Culture Exchange Scheme”

    An interesting programme offered at Middlesex University is the Language and Culture Exchange where two students are matched with each other based on the language they speak and the language they wish to learn. Not only that, this programme includes a range of events where you can socialise with students from different corners of the world!

    3. Join a society

    There are a whole host of societies that will meet your interests, hobbies, skills, religions and even academic subjects. Join anything from the burlesque and pole dancing society to the Harry Potter society or even the Food Wars society! Check them all out at MDXSU Societies.

    4. Volunteer

    Extending a helping hand to those most vulnerable is always an enriching and fulfilling experience and will also add valuable experience to your CV. Have a look at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations website for wonderful volunteering opportunities or just type  in “travel for charity” or “volunteer for charity” on a search engine.

    5. Start an online blog

    Blogging has steadily become a culture that is fast growing and gaining a lot of recognition. It is an extremely helpful platform for individuals to showcase their various skills or just to put their work and thoughts out there for other people. Give it a go… start a blog, talk about your passions or just write about your days! Employers will like this – it shows you’re a self-starter as well as a great writer!

    6. Join POW! media

    POW! Media is a digital platform that provides students with an opportunity to gain experience volunteering as an RJ at POW! FM or to write for their award-winning student magazine and even work for their TV Station.

    Student lifestyle posts which reflect the interests of our students are written by student interns or writers working within the Marketing department and do not reflect the research, guidance or opinions of Middlesex University. If you have feedback or want to suggest ideas for future student lifestyle posts, please email communications@mdx.ac.uk

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