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    A festival not to be missed

    By Callum Tyndall

    Callum reports on the Student Success Festival and highlights why you should not miss the next one in March.

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    The festival located in the Quad at Middlesex University was full of students eager to see how they could improve their experience and learn new information. Multiple stalls provided chances to see what is on offer: from post-graduate stalls, library resources and undergraduate engagement services. Welfare advice guides helped with an interactive stall, for testing money management abilities, awareness of hidden costs behind brands and providing financial capability assistance.

    Speaking to Andre (Student Media Coordinator), we talked about live streaming opportunities that are available with upcoming training to get involved in radio shows, Middlesex magazine articles and TV shows. These are all exceptional chances to develop hobbies or even apply practical course features such as Journalism. Andre reiterates the importance of chances to learn new skills, network and engage in educated debates in the form of current topic podcasts. DJ workshops for training are predicted to occur in a few weeks and deadlines for radio show submissions are fast approaching, this is an exciting chance to get more involved in Middlesex University #MDXSuccess.

    A moment of relaxation was thoroughly savoured. Two furry student learning assistants named Masie and Winniford (two black Labradors) provide stress and anxiety relief as anyone can stroke and play with them in a chilled-out atmosphere with a comfy beanbag. This offers time to reflect and take a break from University studies. Speaking to friendly Josh and Fiona who were present to engage with students and monitor the dogs, talked to me about the positives of engaging in this type of therapy. It provides a calming effect (especially over busy periods and exams), therapy and comfort for those who love dogs and may not have access to theirs due to living at University. Fiona talks of how people can contact them for Masie and Winniford to come and assist at an event or for a classroom, available on CTA@live.mdx.ac.uk. ‘One of the only Universities in the country that provides this delightful service'.

    Furthermore, a therapy walk takes place every Monday between 10-12am. Meeting at Sunny Hill house car park, this event includes two wonderful and energetic SLAs Masie and Winniford. A walk to reduce stress and promote healthy exercise is essential in promoting psychological restoration.

    The language café consisted of tables of students eager to talk to anyone interested in learning about their country and allows people to mix in a relaxed, casual environment. Exploring new cultures, languages and even improving employability prospects by accessing these kinds of activities. French, Mandarin, Malaysian, Greek, Spanish and Italian are the languages available and is a useful time to learn information as even students lacking knowledge about a particular language could come and walk away knowing more and simultaneously meeting different people.

    Middlesex providing these kinds of events is helpful for students to learn new things that are on offer. Often the full services on offer are not fully utilised and an event such as the Student Success Festival is an example of the type of event to attend in order to learn (and even de-stress with therapy dogs) , providing opportunities to network with other students. The next event is in March and it is strongly advised you attend to learn new ways of coping with stresses and browse the services on offer to make the most of your University experience.

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