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    5 Best Places To Have Brunch In North London

    By MDX Student Writer, Denise DeBattisa

    Student writer Denise DeBattisa provides tips on top places to have brunch

    With Spring just around the corner (hopefully!), nothing beats a good weekend brunch with your mates. The good news for us MDX students is that North London is packed with all the right places to satisfy your brunch cravings including food presentations that’ll definitely do your Instagram posts justice!

    Here are my top 5 spots to have brunch in North London:Students having brunch

    1. The Alice House

    If you’re in Hampstead and find yourself in dire need of a late morning bite, this is the place to go. Check out this mouth-watering item from their menu. Definitely not your average eggs benedict.

    Twitter: @alicehouseWH

    2. Le Pain Quotidien

    Up for a classy brunch but can’t get into Central London? Then head down to Hampstead High Street. This rustic little place is known for its organic products. When my Mum and sister surprised me with a visit a couple of weeks ago, I just knew I had to take them here – they loved it!Great brunch places

    Twitter: @LPQUK

    3. Roni’s

    Specialising in Jewish bagels, Roni’s is as authentic as a bakery can get! Not a bagel fan? Fear not. While the bagels are a sure pleaser (I can vouch for this), Roni’s menu ranges from pittas to salads to a vast selection of items from the delicatessen section. Check out one blogger’s choice for a morning treat:


    4. Tomeli’s

    If you live in North London, then you’ve been to Brent Cross Shopping Centre. The next time you’re there, gear up your shopping day with an exquisite brunch from Tomeli’s – think fresh food, Italian fusion and a vast vegetarian selection of items to choose from. Trust me, you’ll become a regular customer after your first visit. I know I am.

    Twitter: @tomelisbc

    5. Aprés Food Co.

    Okay, maybe a more central than north London spot, but hear me out. This up and coming little gem is just down the street from Farringdon Station, with a mission to pair comfort food and nutrient-filled products for a unique result. Forget everyday canned beans, this is authenticity at its best!  Check out what I opted for when I visited a few months back.

    (Bonus feature: the interior gives you #allthefeels.)

    Twitter: @ApresFoodCo

    Instagram: @apresfoodco


    A nice looking brunch

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