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    Christmas presents on a budget

    By Daniel Adisi

    Daniel talks through some great present ideas that you can gift this Christmas without breaking the bank.

    #christmas #presents #budget

    So it’s approaching the end of the semester, and that means Christmas is nearly here! *cue applause* You’re reading this right now having blown your student loan instalment on countless takeaways, clothes, partying, Apple Music subscriptions and because of that you’re down to your last £100...

    Seeing as Christmas just is around the corner, your bank account balance really isn’t going to allow you to impress your friends and family with an elaborate Christmas gift. But don’t worry, there are plenty of quality items on sale right now, so you can stay within your budget and you won’t have to break the bank!

    1) Fur Hot Water Bottle

    You must have noticed how cold it’s gotten over the past few weeks, and by the looks of it, it will continue to stay that way. For those who despise winter, Argos are selling a fur hot water bottle with pom poms, just to give you that extra ounce of warmth needed to get your through this weather. It comes at an affordable price of only £10, so buy this as soon as possible!

    2) Festive Sack of Candy Cane Delights

    The Body Shop are selling a perfectly festive Christmas gift for a price of £18! It is a peppermint scented sack of Christmas treats and skincare products such as body scrubs, hand cream and shower gel. If you have a Unidays account or an NUS discount card, remember to get a student discount code, so you save even money.

    3) Amazon Gift Card in a Greeting Card

    You can treat your friends and/or family to Amazon Gift Card. If you know someone who is a constant online bargain hunter, this would a perfect Christmas gift for them. This is only costing you £10 and I think this is bound to impress whoever is lucky to receive this!

    4) Personalised Name Mug

    This personalised gift shop allows you to create your own mug, for only £5 including delivery! Your friend's name appears in a dictionary format, where you can list the person of your choice as well as choose 3 of your favourite traits about that person! Aww, isn't that cute!

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