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    5 Useful Things To Do Before Starting Uni

    By Sophie Jet Kanzler, Student Writer

    Sophie shares tips on what to do before your course begins!

    Starting university can be a stressful time and it can be difficult to know what to do first, especially if you’ve had a gap year (or three, like me) and going back to school is a totally new thing. Here are five things I found useful, or wish I’d done, before my first year:

    1. Get a summer job  

      Ok, working is probably the last way you want to spend your summer – but when you start university, having that extra cash in the bank is useful for a financial safety net and optimal guilt-free shopping sprees (also, I can’t count the number of people I know who ended up in many tearful phone calls home after spending all of first year stuck in their overdraft. Avoid).

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    2. Follow the Facebook page  

      Most universities will have a freshers’ Facebook page where you can find people on your course, ask questions about starting uni, and access information about anything from societies and social events to housing. If you need information about anything this could be a great place to start looking!

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    3. Shop around for the best student deals

      Lots of banks offer deals such as 0% interest overdrafts and freebies for students if you sign up, so it could be worth getting a student bank account. Getting an NUS card, coachcard or railcard are just a few more ways you can get discounts and save money while at uni (plus railcards give you a discount on your Oyster!).

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    4. Consider insurance

      If you’re living away from home and have your Smartphone, laptop, camera or other expensive goods with you, paying a bit extra for insurance is probably worth your time in case items are damaged or stolen and you can’t afford to replace them. Sometimes your parents’ insurance will cover you.

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    5. Sign up with the local GP

      Find out where the local or university doctors/general practitioner is and get registered as soon as you arrive. This will save you a few days wait and a lot of form filling to deal with when you actually are ill.

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