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    Summer 2018 - The Right Time To Start Your Career!

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    START DATE 01 January 2016
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    By MDX Student Writer, Magda Kania

    Student Writer Magda provides tips on finding a job and gaining professional experience this Summer in London

    We all have been there – another year at Uni has passed, the celebration time is over and most of your friends don’t have time to meet up as they are busy with their work. Spending every day in front of TV or scrolling Instagram becomes a routine and you suddenly feel like it’s time to change something. Well, that’s the first step! The best way to fill your free time is to find a job, an internship or work placement that would allow you to gain experience in a particular field. Moreover, your bank account status will be super happy seeing extra cash flow!

    So, ok, you've decided: summer job it is! But what now?

    1. Summer Job Fairs

    Stay in tune for the upcoming Summer Job Fairs taking place all over London. See below for a couple good suggestions:


    15th June, 2018 - Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX

    Harry & Edge are London-based expert event planners. Tickets for this year’s job fair are free and it’s super easy to register. So click here to get those tickets!

    Peabody Jobs and Apprenticeships fair

    5th July, 2018 - Pembury Community Centre, Atkins Square, E8 1HL

    Peabody, one of London’s eldest housing association decided to partner with Love London Working, which provides training and help for unemployed people over 16 years old. Together, they decided to organise a job and apprentice fair, which is free to attend. To register, click here

    Email for more details:

    2. Research

    Let’s be honest here – you probably spend most of your time looking at memes and watching funny cat videos. I’ve got bad news for you – it’s time to stop (not forever though, don’t worry!). There are so many apps and pages that can help you with finding a summer job. My absolute faves are:


    This website not only helps you with finding exciting events, but also job fairs! Moreover, Eventbrite provides loads of templates and instructions on how to prepare for job interviews, how to reply to company emails, among other useful tips.

    Click here to find out more

    Indeed Jobs

    Type in ‘summer’ or ‘summer jobs’ in the search box, set London as your location and voilà! The most recent jobs from all fields are waiting for you. Make sure to upload an updated CV and answer the potential employee’s questions.

    Click here to find out more

    Job Today (mobile app)

    This app works on laptops or tablets, but I think the best way to use it is mobile app. Really easy to operate, this tool allows you to find interesting job offers in minutes, starting on the same or next day.

    Good luck!

    Student lifestyle posts which reflect the interests of our students are written by student interns or writers working within the Marketing department and do not reflect the research, guidance or opinions of Middlesex University. If you have feedback or want to suggest ideas for future student lifestyle posts, please email

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